Knowledge is your first defense – We offer as much information as we can to help you understand your circumstances.

Working With Oberheiden


Just like every patient needs a good doctor, every defendant needs a great lawyer. The Oberheiden Law Group, PLLC national criminal defense group includes a former federal prosecutor, a former FBI agent, a forensic fraud examiner, and experienced criminal defense counsel. From the moment you call us, you will experience a personal, dedicated service that surrounds around one goal: dismissal.


Act Fast. Being arrested or under criminal investigation is a terrifying experience. You need someone that knows what to do and how to do it. You need a cohesive, dedicated, and aggressive team that protects your interests — and your liberty. Our experienced attorneys, investigators, and expert consultants understand how the criminal justice process works. We deal with indictments, plea negotiations, sentencing hearings, and dismissals every day. Doing the wrong thing or doing the right thing too late in the criminal justice process can damage your life. About 85,000 people are being sentenced in the U.S. for federal crimes each year. Don’t be one of them.


No Junior Lawyers. When you hire us, you will not deal with junior lawyers and paralegals. Your situation is serious; so is our commitment. From the moment you call, you will only talk to actual lawyers, such as a former federal prosecutor and other top notch criminal defense attorneys. Initial consultations are always free and they are absolutely confidential. We are dedicated to get your case dismissed and we have the resources to make it happen. Our distinguished lawyers work closely with those that used to be on the other side. Depending on the needs of your case, a former supervisory special agent of the FBI, former IRS investigators, forensic fraud experts, certified public accountants, and other experts are there to help. Whatever your case requires, we are ready, and we are prepared to win.

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